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Plague in the Treasure Valley - Keeping your Pets Safe

Recently there has been several news reports of a ground squirrel die off south of Boise from the plague; causing a growing concern about it spreading to our pets and human family members.  We at Treasure Valley Veterinary Hospital would like provide you with information in regards to the plague and its presence in our local community. 
Please read the attached PDF for complete information.
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MEDIA UPDATE: Boise Weekly 

Keep Your Pets Healthy at Our Animal Hospital in Boise, ID

Animals become members of the family as they nuzzle their way into hearts and homes. Pet owners care for their animals with love and compassion. You have to find a trusted veterinary clinic as part of regular household pet care.

Since 1997, Treasure Valley Veterinary Animal Hospital in Boise, ID has served the community and their household pets. Our leading veterinarian has practiced since 1972 and has worked with a wide variety of animals.

The Services We Offer

We work with all types of animals from dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rodents, and more.  Treasure Valley Veterinary Hospital offers a number of services to keep your pet healthy and happy, including:

  • Dental cleaning
  • Vaccines
  • Exams
  • Ultrasound and X-ray
  • Spay and neuter services
  • Laser therapy and surgery
  • Cold laser treatments

We treat your pet as well as we treat our own. As pet owners ourselves, we understand the connection you have to your animals. Because we know that not all animals enjoy medical treatment, we offer sedatives to anxious pets.

At Treasure Valley, we value your time, so we also offer a drop-off program. Leave your pet with us before you head into work and pick them up on your way home for no additional fee.

Contact Us

If you need of veterinary services in Boise and Meridian Idaho, call the professionals at Treasure Valley Veterinary Hospital.
Tel: 208-888-4844.

  One of the cats we cared for at our veterinary hospital in Boise, ID
Monday - Tuesday 7:30AM - 6:00PM  
Wednesday 8:00AM - 2:00PM
Thursday - Friday 7:30AM - 6:00PM
2nd Saturday of each month 9:00AM-Noon
All other Saturdays we are open from 9AM - 12PM for food and medication pick up only.
                                      If you have special drop off or pick up needs please call or email our staff                                                                                   
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